Sunday, 25 March 2012

i put a spell on you, because you're mine.

hi lovelies,

sorry i've been a little slower posting the last couple of weeks. i've been working really hard on my new uni project, i've turned over a bit of a new leaf and am trying to really work hard and make the most of it. i had a bit of a lull in motivation after the essay unit, and i just kept procrastinating rather than essay-writing, but now we have a brand-new illustration project and i have no other excuse except to make the most of it! i'll post some of my latest drawings etc soon. today, though, i wanted to post some photos from the floral-grunge shoot i did for my friend jo. she did all the styling etc herself, but bear in mind these are about photography for a fashion shoot rather than what you might actually wear day to day. ;)

these were a little embarrassing as although stomping around in docs and floral headbands is my kind of thing, i'm definitely not used to having my midriff out. i hope you're not too offended by my stomach, definitely going to be doing more exercise to try and feel beach-fit this year! everything i'm wearing in the above photos is my own apart from the jeans that jo painted to lend to the floral grunge theme, as her brief was to do a denim shoot. it was very odd as i'm not used to wearing jeans, i pretty much live in dresses and leggings. the tshirt is miss selfridge, the belt is ancient, the floral headband is from reading festival, and i got my dms from cloggs years ago.

this outfit felt pretty magical to wear, i would probably wear the whole thing normally except the denim jacket. i felt i was wearing far too little black for my liking haha! the denim jacket and this headband are jo's, i think both were from primark, as are the socks and most of the jewellery. the dress is topshop, and the dms as before.

i managed to get jo to take one of me in the dress as i'd normally wear it too. i love these sunglasses, they're h&m and a bargain in the sale last year! they give me horrendous panda eyes though! find this on lookbook here.

in this look, again everything is my own apart from the huge flower which is jo's.. i think it's primark again. the shorts are topshop, i used to wear them all the time but i feel really self-conscious of the tops of my legs in them. i long for some shorts that are just that tiny bit longer at the top of the leg, especially because i like to wear them with black tights and you can see the top of my tights most of the time in these - not a good look! maybe they're just made for people with really skinny legs. this miss selfridge blouse is amazing too, i wore it so much last year and i'm really excited spring's coming around so i can wear it tons again! find this on lookbook here.

hope you've all had a lovely weekend enjoying the weather! i'm home from uni for 3 weeks and i really hope the sunshine's going to hold out... fingers crossed!


h xxx


  1. Really really cute photos :) Love the one of you sitting down looking into the distance (and great sunnies!) and your floral headband. considering getting dms but not sure if they would suit me xx

    1. aw i think they would! with your new dresses in your latest blog post especially :) white or pale/patterned ones would look really cute i think xx

  2. These pictures are so fabulous!
    I really love the mixture of the feminine florals and the masculine docs

  3. really like all the outfits..and love your eye make-up!
    great photos too!
    i am supposed to be doing stuff for my university and see i am stting here visiting blogs!


    1. haha it's so easy to do isn't it! :) thank you very much xxx

  4. The last outfit..... AWESOME !!! :D:D:D Good job :))))))


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