Wednesday, 11 July 2012

dangerous, tainted and flawed as you..

hi guys, how's your week going so far? i have quite a mix and match post for you today! i've got 2 days off before a pretty mad weekend at work, and so i'm trying to make the most of them! today's been pretty relaxing: i took the dogs out for a walk (for a lot of this afternoon it's not been raining, in fact we've had brilliant sunshine - such a nice change!) and i spent some time drawing. well, it was more doodling, but it's just nice to chill out with a pen and glamour magazine and a sex and the city boxset.

you can tell i really wasn't concentrating very hard and with these drawings (i'm on season three of sex and the city and aiden's going out with carrie, i just think he's lovely and therefore get very distracted!) still, i just like the fact that i'm drawing again, and you can tell i've not done it for a while. i think i'm going to do some more doodling tonight to try and get my art mojo back!

i also wanted to share my new work outfit with you, because i got a kimono top and i really love it. it might be work uniform now, but it's a really nice coverup so i can definitely see myself using it lots out of work in the future. i belt it for work because i like how it makes it look like more of a dress. i debated about putting the photo on lookbook as none of the photos look right, they're all quite off-guard shots, but then i reasoned with myself that the whole point of me using lookbook is so that i can see how my clothes actually look on and not just how i imagine them to look; plus having photos of outfits i like means i can make the most of all the clothes that i own - so i decided to put it up anyway. do tell me what you think! the kimono is available at next and it also comes in red, and if you're lucky you never know, you might be able to snap it up in the sale this weekend... ;)

my dog tilly really wanted to get in the photos with me haha. in the lookbook photo i'd turned to call her away, which explains the slightly strange pose...! find it on lookbook here.


h xxx


  1. loving your new work outfit. SOOO perfect! and your dog is adorable!
    xo TJ

    1. aw thanks so much! love having uniform allowance lol :D and aw i know isn't she the cutest?! xxx

  2. Wow the kimono is absolutely gorgeous! It looks amazing on you!

    Love your drawings, too- the top one particularly is brilliant xx

    1. aw, i'm so glad you like it! i looove it, i actually can't wait until it's not my uniform any more so i can have even more fun wearing it haha :) and aw thanks, they're not that good they're a bit out of proportion and that, you can tell that i was distracted by SATC lol but at least i'm trying! xxx

  3. Hey :)
    Really love your blog - you're beautiful!

    Maybe we could follow each other? :D
    I follow you now!

    My fashion blog :)

    1. thanks lovely! i followed you back xxx


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