Wednesday, 5 September 2012

you desired my attention, but denied my affections..

hey guys. i thought i'd take some outfit photos today. this oatmeal crop top is new from topshop, since i already wear my asos one to death i felt it would be nice to get a different coloured one that would save my asos one from a premature ruin (though so far it's washing and wearing beautifully, FYI.) besides, for the first time in my life i've started to actually find myself wanting to buy clothes in neutral colours which is something i've never been bothered about before - now a neutral heavy-knit jumper is high on my winter wishlist - and i felt i'd wear this top loads, too.

my camera lens was dusty but i love the effect it has on the photos!

i paired the crop top with the standard tangle of necklaces, some lace tights, my highwaisted denim shorts (old from topshop) and the trusty hidden-wedge high tops. these are already looking a bit battered because i wear them to death, but i'm going to keep wearing them until they fall apart! no regrets. find it on lookbook here:

this is actually an outfit that is quite unusual for me, though you can't see it here: the shorts are very short, there's midriff, the top is tight. in fact, it highlights practically all of the areas i'm self-conscious about. however, at the same time i really like it and sometimes i think it's good to step a little out of your comfort zone. i'm personally not one to do everything at once: i'm girlie as they come, but for me doing heels and eyelashes and extensions and legs and a teeny little dress doesn't feel natural. i always have to put a tomboy/tough/goth element to a look, to bring it back to something i feel comfortable with - i can never go all out 'sexy' (aka. the over-the-top TOWIE look that's considered sexy nowadays.) what are your thoughts on this?


h xxx

PS. there's been lots of milestones for me this week...

i'm at over 10,000 page views and have hit 150 blog posts!

i now have reached 300 lookbook fans, and uploaded my first ever look that reached 300 hype. that's nothing to most people, i know, but it means the world to me. :)


  1. Cute cute! Love the shorts :)
    Would love to follow eachother :)

  2. This outfit looks awesome! And your legs look like they go on forever. Jealous! Really like the tights, and boots. Well done for going out of your comfort zone. And honestly, you really have nothing to be self-conscious about; you have an amazing figure :)

    Well done for reaching all of those milestones! Here's to many more xx

    1. thanks so much! it's the hidden wedges in the heels i promise haha! i do but these photos are carefully selected to not show my worst bits lol xxx

  3. I really love your style & your blog♥ Very good!
    Follow me to germany:



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