Monday, 31 December 2012

And to be completely honest, you're not like all the rest.

Back in October, I posted a Polyvore version of this outfit - on Friday I wore a slightly altered version of it when my mum and I popped in to town to do some sale shopping. I'm glad I've managed to post it before the new year, because the colour palette is decidedly festive and after new year I can't help feeling a little bleaker!

I swapped the belt for a spiked headband and my studded boots for the Moda in Pelle ones that I won from Surfdome, but apart from that everything is as before. I really do love this Topshop dress, it's so easy to wear that I'm struggling not to put it on every day! Find this outfit on Lookbook here.

Now to take on the mind-numbing task of deciding what to wear for New Year's Eve. It always seems like a big deal even though I'm not going out-out, just to a friend's house for a gathering with the best and brightest. It's funny because every day is a new beginning really, but I always want to ring in a new year feeling my best. My sale order from Topshop finally arrived today, but I'm undecided on a bralet that arrived (online it looked like it would match my new velvets DMs perfectly, but it's not the colour I thought at all so I'm back to square one it seems!) I'll leave you with the song from the title of this post, as I'm obsessed with it at the moment, it's just so pretty.

Forget everyone who's jaded, cos they don't matter, and I don't care.
Consider this song a testament of my devotion to your saccharine scent,
and to be completely honest, you're not like all the rest.
Oh no, you're not like all the rest...

I wish you all a happy, healthy new year filled with all the best.


  1. I love this outfit, it looks proper comfy but really stylish at the same time!
    I have the opposite problem to you, I have the perfect sparkly pink New Years outfit but I'm working in a bar all night so ill just be wearing boring black, head to toe

    1. Also thank you so much for taking the time to email me the other day, I can't get over how sweet that was of you!

    2. Thank you :) comfy but stylish is definitely the aim here! I've been there with the bar uniform problem, though luckily at the pub I worked at, on New Year's Eve we disregarded the all-black rule and donned pretty lacy/sparkly things anyway! :) Aw and no problem, I just know how nice it is to get comments on posts (one of the reasons we all blog, I'm sure) and I thought if the Captcha was stopping me commenting it probably was stopping other people too and I didn't want you thinking people were reading your blog and not bothering to comment! :) xxx

  2. I love tne colour combinations in this outfit; green and burgundy are two of my favourite winter colours. It all looks so stylish, but really cosy too. Happy new year! I hope it's a great one for you xx


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