Monday, 9 December 2013

Misfit love...

Hey dolls, today I have a quick post for you showing off an outfit that I wore when I went to see Josh Homme's beautiful face at a Queens of the Stone Age gig a few weeks ago. It wouldn't actually have been my first outfit choice, but I travelled from home and most of the clothes I'd have chosen to wear were at uni - typical, eh?! Anyway, here it is, I hope you like it...

Jumper - Primark
Unicorn Necklace - Regal Rose
Skirt - River Island
Boots - New Look

With an outfit as simple (read: boring) as a jumper over a dress or skirt (which is more or less all I'm wearing at the moment) I like to mix up some textures and patterns to avoid things from looking too dull. This cropped jumper from Primark is my absolute new favourite, which I teamed with a floaty chiffon skirt and my beloved tapestry chelsea boots. It's not the most flattering silhouette, but it was comfy and warm for a super cold day out in London (and the jumper came off during the gig so I didn't boil - perfect!) Find this outfit on Lookbook here...

What would you wear to a gig? Do you like this outfit? I'm going to leave you with my favourite song of the night (well, actually, probably not; it's way too hard to choose..!)


  1. Great outfit! I don't think it's boring at all, because of the textures and those AMAZING shoes! Love them. This would be great for a gig, unless you're like me and get super hot under all the stage lighting! Short sleeves and thin fabrics all the way for me! xx

    1. Thanks Louise! Yeah, I had a tube top underneath the jumper because it was BOILING in there! xxx

  2. OOOH I like those boots very much!

    1. They are sooo freaking comfy as well! They were £18 with student discount, literally such a bargain! xxx


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