Thursday, 5 June 2014

Our love's a protective poison...

Hi dolls, and welcome to my May favourites post! These are the items I have loved over the last month, from shoes to cosmetics. Enjoy!

Dr Lewinn's - Renunail Duo
My best friend works as cabin crew and sells this product on her flights, so having seen what this product has done for her nails is more of a testament to it's magical powers than my mere few days of use (with that said, my nails are already feeling protected and strengthened.) Neither of us have ever really had long nails, but now in her fourth week of use, her nails are long, white at the ends (rather than that grey/clear colour you often see on damaged long nails) and incredibly strong/hard to the touch. This product was supposedly made for people who have had acrylic nails to repair the damage they cause, so I have high hopes that it will work on my nails which really just need a bit of TLC.

'Allsorts' Boots - Topshop
Having brought the majority of my university wardrobe back home since I'm moving out in a few weeks, I realised that I had nothing at uni that was suitable to wear to the #ELLEInsider event last Wednesday, so my Topshop card came in handy once again. Every time I say I'm going to stop buying black heels I end up with another pair, but at least these work with everything and have a pretty suede finish unlike any other pairs I own. I'd planned to blog about the event but my photos weren't particularly great - I was using a camera I'm not very familiar with and messed them up to be honest - but I'll recreate the outfit at some point and post it here!

Vintage Leaf Slides - New Look via ASOS
To be honest I was not a fan of this week's episode of Game of Thrones but if we put that episode aside the show is always great for hair-spiration. In this case, it was all about the hair jewellery: I spotted these hair slides on ASOS the last time they were doing a 25% off offer for students (there's another one on right now in case you missed out) and felt I'd got a real bargain. I'm not usually one for gold jewellery but I couldn't resist these for such a tiny price tag.

'They're Real' Mascara, Push-Up Liner and Remover - Benefit Cosmetics*
Beauty junkies might be as excited as I was to see the contents of the goodie bag I received from the #ELLEInsider event: a complete Benefit 'They're Real' set, including the mascara, push-up liner (reviewed here) and... wait for it... remover! Eeek! I've mentioned before that 'They're Real' mascara was really hard-wearing on my lashes making me reluctant to wear it because trying to get it off was causing breakages. This remover is excellent: you'd think it'd be like paint stripper trying to remove both gel liner and hardcore mascara but when I've used it it's always felt really gentle while still being effective. I'm so pleased they've created a remover, so now I can use these products without worrying that I won't be bothered to try and take them off at the end of the day. Benefit, you guys are heroes.
(I totally put my foot in it at the #ELLEInsider event by asking if they were planning to bring out the liner in different colours because I love it so much. It's not even out in black until June 28th... think I'm jumping the gun a bit!)

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel - African Tea Rose
I purchased this as a little celebratory gift to myself the afternoon that I handed in my Final Major Project, but unfortunately I've already had a bit of a spillage incident painting my nails in the car on the way back from Newquay so apologies for the less-than-pristine bottle (shall we call it well-loved?!) I was craving a hot pink varnish as I realised I don't own any shades of pink even though it looks so great with black. Normally I think fragranced polish is just such a gimmick, but since it was reduced to £4.50 (the amount I'd spend on a more budget nail polish anyway) I gave this a go since Revlon are usually such good quality. It applied really nicely, lasted well and fortunately the scent is quite pleasant without being too overpowering. Truth be told I don't know anyone who feels the need to have scent in their nail varnish but the colour and consistency are undoubtedly lovely, and good for the reduced price.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your May favourites?


  1. Ooh, your Elle goodies are fabulous! When I heard about the launch of the eyeliner, I was pretty sure it was the liner you'd reviewed a few weeks back! I love the They're Real mascara, so I may have to give the liner a try at some point. It can be a pain in the arse to remove, but I love the look it gives so it's never bothered me too much. It's one of the best mascaras around! xx

    1. Nicely spotted! I did update the post revealing the liner's identity, but I realise now you wouldn't get an update if it's backdated, sorry. The liner is really wonderful, so easy to apply and of such high quality. I do love the mascara too but thank God they've created the remover because wearing it every day was starting to damage my eyelashes and that's not cool! xxx

  2. I want to try those magic nail products! My nails are awful. :( I just can't get on with They're Real, it feels so dry and clumpy and like you've said, it's impossible to get off (without the remover). Was this week's GoT a little gory for you? I can't wait for next week - it should be awesome!

    Tara x

    1. My nails are actually starting to grow it feels like a miracle haha! It's a four week programme as well so seeing some semblance of results in week one is kinda cool. Yeah it was seriously not my thing, I have a severe phobia when it comes to eye gore of any kind and I could not deal with it omg haha. xxx


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