Friday, 13 June 2014

There ain't nothing like that smile...

Hi guys! Today is my degree show day, I'm so excited I didn't sleep, it's only now starting to feel like I've finished university. Yesterday we nipped into uni to speak with the external moderators and I was greeted with a nasty surprise: some of the adhesive velcro that I'd used to hang my show had somehow come detached from the back of my larger images and they'd fallen on the floor. Luckily they weren't too damaged from the fall but I was so upset to think that when my show was being marked and viewed by the moderators it would have looked a shambles. The tutors were really nice about it and made me feel better in that the work was good and we aren't marked on our show presentation. It was just so disappointing as we'd gone through various processes trying to get the images up (note: magnets are rubbish), but when I left the studio on hand-in day I was so proud of how my work looked on the walls, and it felt so secure. It was awful to see it on the floor so unexpectedly when it had seemed so sturdy and lasted for days before. Luckily we got everything fixed and back on display using some much heavier-duty velcro but I'm so nervous about tonight... fingers and toes crossed my show stays intact the whole night... given that it's a very rare day where it is both Friday 13th and a full moon, it's gotta bode well right?!

Anyway, today I'm mainly talking about red lipstick and good causes. Seriously, everyone must have seen that "life advice" meme that's going around at the moment, the golden mantra of woman: "do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick and don't let boys be mean to you." It's personally a favourite of mine because it makes me feel self-affirmed that hey, I do all those things religiously, I'm clearly doing life right. Kind of. Anyway, because of this, when I heard about the Red Lippy Project I felt I felt I had no excuse not to join in.

So what's it all about? The website explains: "The Red Lippy Project was set up to raise awareness of the importance of doing the smear test in order to detect possible cervical cancer. We want to inspire and encourage young women by talking about the test and lifting its stigma. Not enough young women answer the call, possibly endangering their lives. In 2012, only 32% of 25-29 year olds visited their GPs for the test despite the fact that the screening process saved over 4,000 women from cervical cancer in one year alone. Through our activities during the Awareness Week, the Red Lippy Project aims to raise funds for Eve Appeal, Cancer Research UK and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust in their war against cervical cancer." In a similar vein to the no-make up selfie, the Red Lippy Project encourages women to paint their lips red to show their support and spread the word about the difficult subject of cervical cancer. Ideally, red lipstick selfies posted this week will cause a mental association with the importance of smear tests, and hopefully encourage people to donate, attend any pending/overdue smear tests, or see a doctor about any concerns.

Of course, like with the no make-up selfie, there's no point making the gesture if you don't donate and spread the word. You can text RLIP14 £2 to 70070, to donate quickly and easily, or you can make an online donation here.

Lips in Red Lippy Project - Topshop

For beauty junkies, there's another way you can contribute to the cause: I decided to purchase the lipstick created by Topshop specifically for The Red Lippy Project: 30% of the profits go to the charity, and the colour is a beautiful bright, true red. It's perfect for summer!

So anyway, I suck at selfies (bad blogger!) but I love red lipstick, so I took a snap to illustrate the point. Use the hashtags #redlippyproject and #makeamark on social media, and you can tag Red Lippy Project on Instagram and Twitter. The week of the Red Lippy Project runs until tomorrow, the 14th, so get involved today!

Finally, can I ask everybody to sign this Sophie's Choice petition - if you didn't do it back in March, it's still ongoing. It's bad enough that some women are missing their smear tests, but it's worse to hear that some doctors refuse to test younger women and dismiss their complaints, because they're "too young" for any kind of cancer. This negligence has lead to far too many unnecessary deaths that may have been avoided if abnormalities had been detected sooner, and for that reason it's so important to lower the age of the smear test. Please sign the petition, it takes all of 30 seconds but a million signatures are needed to get this changed and they're not nearly there yet.


  1. I still need to buy one of the topshop lipsticks, I'll pick one up when I go shopping in Sunday. Already signed the petition, everyone deffo needs to sign it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Definitely agree! The lipstick is lovely :) xxx

  2. What a great way to raise awareness for such an important cause! I love the shade of that lippy, and it looks fab on you!

    It's worrying how many young women are being dismissed by their doctors when they raise their concerns and ask for a smear. There's enough evidence to show the age bracket should be lowered again, and if a woman asks for a smear, she should be allowed one. xx

    1. Thanks Louise! I know, it's horrifying to think that some people aren't offered help when it's needed, it's so important to change that xxx


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