Monday 30 September 2019

Sustainable September

"It’s estimated that more than two tonnes of clothing are bought each minute in the UK, more than any other country in Europe. That amount produces nearly 50 tonnes of carbon emissions – the same as driving 162,000 miles in a car.

New research by Oxfam shows just how polluting the UK’s consumption of new clothes really is. In one month alone, the carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK was greater than flying a plane around the world 900 times."

September has been a brilliant month for raising awareness of our impact on the environment - between the climate strikes and "secondhand" or "sustainable" September, it seems more of us than ever are trying to do our bit to lessen our impact on the planet. However, it's important that we remember that we make hundreds of decisions that can impact our environment every single day, and our consumption is a huge factor in that.

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