Thursday 13 December 2018

Green People Skincare Review

Having always had skin that is very reactive to the subtlest changes in hormones, it was always unforeseen territory as to how my skin would react to pregnancy. For the first couple of months, as I expected, my skin was quite unpredictable - from clear one day to a hormonal breakout the next, from oily to dry. Since I'm now into my second trimester, my skin is (touch wood!) calming down a little bit but I have had to mix up my skincare regime to continue to look after my skin as it changes.

Over the years I've become increasingly conscious that the products I use on my skin are as natural and gentle as possible as I hate the thought of my skin absorbing unwelcome ingredients or toxins. This feeling has become even stronger for me during pregnancy due to a natural inclination to nourish the baby as much as possible rather than exposing them to any chemicals that may be even potentially dangerous. That's why I'm really keen on Green People - their products never contain SLS, parabens, lanolin, phthalates, alcohol, harsh foaming agents, synthetic fragrances, colourants or petrochemicals to name even some of the long list. Their ingredients are mostly organic, and of course they are cruelty free. I was fortunate enough to receive a few items to try from their anti-blemish range for all skin types, recommended to me as they all contain willow bark which helps to balance sebum production but is anti-inflammatory: perfect for my sensitive skin. But of course the big question for a lot of people is: does natural skincare actually work?

Green People Foaming Face Wash, £13 for 100ml
Foaming face washes have always had a bad rap with me since the days of using terrible harsh ones as a teenager, but this certainly doesn't deserve the negative association. Boasting anti-blemish, toning and purifying benefits, this face wash is alcohol free and cleanses the skin ever so gently without drying. Containing witch hazel to prevent blemishes and green tea for antioxidants, this is a lovely light cleanser to use first thing in the morning or after removing makeup and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Green People Zap & Clear Serum, £13.50 for 10ml
I've long subscribed to the school of thought that it's best to put tea tree oil on spots and leave them overnight, but I can't argue that I've found this serum more effective (and gentle!) when it comes to targeting blemishes. Aiming to cleanse, clear and control, this serum contains black willow bark as well as tea tree to work against acne bacteria, alongside soothing chamomile, rosehip and aloe vera (so basically all of my favourite skincare ingredients in one mini concoction!) This comes in a squeezy mini tube and feels calming and cooling when applied to blemishes but seems to do some serious work on them overnight.

Green People Day Solution Moisturiser, £18.50 for 50ml
This moisturiser is my favourite item of the three as it feels nourishing without being overly oily. The packaging claims to calm, clear and nourish, containing willow bark to reduce irritation and inflammation, rose geranium to balance sebum production, and prebiotics to balance skin flora. The pump design allows you to dispense a small amount to eliminate product waste. The moisturiser has a mild and pleasant smell, spreading well and absorbing quickly. It sits comfortably under foundation all day at work without causing excess shine, and I have found since using it that any blemishes I am covering heal more quickly. I certainly feel it lives up to its promises, it's a great multitasking moisturiser for combination skin, and I would absolutely buy this again.

Overall I'm thrilled to have tried items from this range as they've been perfect for my combination skin at this time. Each product is concentrated and needs a small amount per use meaning they will last a long time, and all three have been surprisingly effective at handling any blemishes I get without drying the rest of my skin. (On a side note, if you feel you need items a little more targeted for anti-blemish action, it'd be worth checking out their Organic Young range instead.) It's brilliant to find a brand like Green People where their intentions are as good as their products and to feel "safe" using them on my skin while pregnant. Have you tried anything from this brand?

*Please note the items featured were sent to me free of charge for consideration of review. This post is not sponsored and all views are my own.


  1. Huge congratulations on your pregnancy, beautiful Hannah. I remember the days where we used to post on livejournal - I've kept your blog as a favourite in my browser all this time and I was so happy to find you still post on here! <3


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