Friday 16 December 2022

Warming teas for the festive season

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This post is in collaboration with The Tea Makers of London.

 Best Warming Teas for the Festive Season

This time of year, the chilly days and bitterly cold evenings call for a truly warming brew that will have you feeling like you are sitting beside the fire, wrapped up in your cosiest blanket watching your favourite Christmas movie.

The run up to Christmas can be a stressful one, trying to fit in time for buying presents, seeing friends and family, wrapping up those last things at work before the big day. With all of this going on it’s important to make time for yourself to unwind and reset. This selection of teas is the perfect combination for winding down in a winter evening. 

Wrap up with your favourite jumper, and pop on your favourite brew because we have the best selection of warming, loose-leaf winter teas to make the next top spot on your favourites list.

No.107 Chai of Madagascar

Chai of Madagascar is the perfect blend of tender green South African honey bush leaves, juicy chunks of ambrosial orange, fragrant bits of cocoa and delicious authentic Indian spices. This mouth-watering infusion is ideal for enjoying during cold winter evenings and is a fruitier twist on a traditional chai cup, and being naturally caffeine free can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

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Sunday 30 October 2022

Teas for good quality sleep

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This post is in collaboration with The Tea Makers of London


We know that getting the little ones to bed is hard enough, then feeling like you can’t nod off added on top can leave you feeling a little hopeless, and constantly fatigued by the time morning comes.

If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep a deliciously soothing bedtime tea could be the answer to your sleeping problems.

From calming Chamomile to Organic Rooibos these naturally caffeine-free Herbal blends contain the perfect mix of healthy ingredients to help aid your sleep, calm your thoughts and get your bedtime routine back on track.

Prepare a warm cup of your favourite bedtime tea an hour or so before you hit the hay and enjoy a longer, better quality night’s sleep, without being left feeling drowsy like some sleep aiding products.

Are you having trouble nodding off? Read on to discover The Tea Makers of London’s Top 5 Teas To Aid Sleep

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