Thursday, 1 April 2021

Seaspiracy & why we need to STOP fishing

Seaspiracy ocean eco vegan littlepackofvegans

I am dedicated to making eco swaps and trying to switch from single use plastics to reusable alternatives wherever we can. But the biggest cause of plastic pollution in our ocean by FAR is caused by the fishing industry. This week we watched Seaspiracy and I was shocked and appalled at the ethical and environmental impact of the fishing industry. Here are some reasons why...


Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Petit Lulu prefold cloth nappies

Petit Lulu prefold nappy littlepackofvegans vegan Little Goat Gruff
*This post features PR samples.
Today's post is a spotlight on Petit Lulu nappies, which are a wonderful brand but often seem to be overlooked for some reason! These are genuinely one of my favourite nappy solutions we've had so I want to chat about a few new additions to our nappy rotation and share some love for their designs.

Friday, 12 March 2021

How to have a confident plant-based pregnancy littlepackofvegans smoothie vegan pregnancy nutrition

I'm lucky that I've always been met with positivity when it comes to having a healthy vegan pregnancy, but I know for many this can be a worry. I want to share some of the things I've done throughout both of my vegan pregnancies which reassure me that baby is thriving when it comes to fuelling my body!


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Lyonsleaf Unscented Marshmallow Facial Oil review + discount code!

Lyonsleaf Unscented Marshmallow Facial Oil littlepackofvegans cruelty free vegan beauty
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Over the past few months I've really started to take better care of my skin and be more conscious of what products I use and when. Incorporating a facial oil or serum is a step widely known to be an important step in a skincare routine, but until recently I've largely stuck to creams and moisturisers. I've mentioned many times here how much a fan I am of Lyonsleaf products so when I decided to up my skincare game I knew I wanted to try the Lyonsleaf Unscented Marshmallow Facial Oil, which has already made a huge difference to my skin.

The Marshmallow Facial Oil is unscented, hypoallergenic, and 100% natural. It is also cruelty free and vegan. It contains rosehip oil, which is meant to be amazing for skintone and scarring, but the star ingredient is Marshmallow extract (the oil makes up 50% of the product!) which is known for it's anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. It helps to plump the skin and reduce fine lines, while also being incredibly restorative for tired or damaged skin (I know this as I love the Lyonsleaf Calendula & Marshmallow Balm for my incredibly dry hands!) As always, the formula is completely water-free leaving room for 100% active ingredients.

As always, Lyonsleaf products always look fantastic on paper, but how does it actually perform? Well - unsurprisingly, I think this is brilliant. It feels very gentle and not too heavy - though incredibly moisturising, this doesn't feel uncomfortably slick on the skin once massaged in. Just one pump is necessary as a little goes a long way, as with all facial oils and Lyonsleaf products. The formula is designed to be used at night so I use this after toning, either on it's own or layered underneath a moisturiser. It's rich enough that I feel I can use it on its own at night although I do really like to lock this in underneath a night mask too for super plumped, hydrated skin. Using this regularly really has made a difference at helping reduce marks, keep my skin plump and moisturised, and heal the hormonal pregnancy breakouts I've been experiencing much faster. This time of year the chill in the air can really dry out my skin, but since using this I've had no problems with dry or tight areas.

Fragrance wise, the scent of this oil reminds me of seeds (think pumpkin, sunflower) - not in an unpleasant way, but given that I adore the fragrance of the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm I think next time I'll try the scented version of the facial oil. I'd tried unscented to err on the safe side in case my skin had trouble getting on with a facial oil in the first place, but I needn't have worried as introducing an oil has only done good things for my skin. The scented version would be particular lovely when used with my facial roller or rose quartz gua sha stone, for a truly relaxing and sensory experience.

From an eco perspective, I really appreciate Lyonsleaf's ethos when it comes to packaging. As the products are water-free, this means products are concentrated meaning smaller pots and therefore less packaging. Bottles and jars are all 100% recyclable and their postal packaging is also biodegradable. I really appreciate that Lyonsleaf are conscious of their environmental impact and are open about their aims as a small business to reduce carbon emissions. Plus, I love that Lyonsleaf herbs are grown organically on their farm in Somerset.

So that summarises the experience I've had so far with this facial oil - I think it's safe to say I'm a convert! So, with Mother's Day approaching, Lyonsleaf have kindly given me a code for you to get 20% off your own purchase! If you fancy treating yourself or a loved one to some beautiful skincare, just pop in my code VEGANMAMA at checkout to get your 20% off. Are you a fan of facial oils - will you be trying this one?

Lyonsleaf Unscented Marshmallow Facial Oil littlepackofvegans cruelty free vegan beauty


Monday, 8 February 2021

Jolie Beauty Second Skin Powder Highlighter review + swatches

Jolie Beauty Saintly Dreaming Second Skin Highlighter on pale skin littlepackofvegans
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The secret is out about my pregnancy, but I'm yet to find that idealised "pregnancy glow"... I've really struggled with exhaustion and nausea this first trimester, and as a result my skin has taken a toll. It's been more dull, more tired, more dry and there's been some inevitable hormonal breakouts too. Between this, and spending the first trimester in lockdown and therefore not getting myself ready as usual as there's nowhere to go and no one to see, I've been feeling a bit down about my appearance. For me I think there's some truth behind "look good, feel better" (looking good of course being totally subjective) and I wanted to get comfortable in my own skin again. So I bought the Caroline Hirons Skincare book, started paying more attention to what I use on my skin, and refreshed some of my cosmetics collection too... including what I use to fake a pregnancy "glow!"


Thursday, 4 February 2021

Welcome, Shroom 2.0*

Second pregnancy sibling baby announcement littlepackofvegans

I'm beyond excited to share that we are expecting another little one to join our pack in August!

We loved the idea of Eden having a sibling so this is beyond exciting. Recently I've loved looking back on my previous pregnancy posts and reminiscing about my experiences, so I'll be sharing a bit about my experience of this first trimester. Feel free to read on if, like me, you enjoy hearing about how the pregnancy experience differs for all of us, even from child to child.


Friday, 22 January 2021

Veganuary: Five Cruelty Free, Vegan Beauty Favourites

Vegan cruelty free beauty skincare favourites veganuary
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Somehow, we're halfway through January - usually I find this month drags its heels, but somewhat mercifully it's passing quite quickly! However, before the month is through I want to chat more about Veganuary - but NOT about food. There's more to veganism than what we consume in our diet, it's about our consumer and lifestyle choices as a whole, and something I learned early on in my vegan journey was the importance of cruelty free beauty. Even a few years ago, finding products that were both cruelty free and vegan could be quite difficult as labelling wasn't always clear. Fortunately for us this market has expanded widely and now boasts some INCREDIBLE products which make you question why you'd ever choose something that uses animal testing when you can instead opt for beautiful, conscientious, plant based products. And today I'll be sharing five of my favourites (new and old!) to inspire you this Veganuary. Sound good? Let's get started...

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Veganuary: How to be Vegan in a non-plant based household

Vegan pesto pasta littlepackofvegans

Firstly - I feel you! I grew up as a vegetarian in a non-veggie home, and for a long time J ate meat - I never thought I'd see the day when he went vegan! Whether your household is likely to transition or not, here are a couple of tips for how to live harmoniously. 💚


Wednesday, 6 January 2021

2020: The Year I Became A #PlantParent  #PlantParenting succulents

Happy New Year! I hope everybody is keeping well and coping with the new UK lockdown announcement. To say 2020 was a ride of a year would be an understatement, and sadly 2021 still continues to carry many of the same burdens, albeit with more progress (and therefore hope) behind us.

2020 was the year that more of us spent more time indoors, in our homes, than ever before. Aside from baking sourdough and banana bread, lots of us looked to self or home improvements to keep us busy, whether that's learning a new skill or redecorating a room. Of course, my lockdown was spent with a toddler, the kind who likes to be with her mama at all times, so whilst it wasn't the MOST productive way to spend a year we probably did a lot more than I give myself credit for! One thing I did repeatedly was to try and tidy and improve the appearance of our house and garden (this is always very much a two-steps-forward, one-step-back situation if you live with a toddler) and I noticed I really missed being able to pop to the shops and garden centres easily to pick things up to brighten up our home. Even when we weren't locked down, it still felt like more of a mission and more of a risk to venture out to the shops - and almost everywhere else. (Have you remembered your mask? Hand sanitiser? What are the rules on meeting people in any given moment? Are you standing 2 metres away? How on earth do you keep a toddler 2 metres away and stop them touching everything?!)
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