Thursday 24 September 2020

Good habits

Green Smoothie littlepackofvegans

I've mentioned recently on Instagram that I've been working on practicing better self-care (particularly the next-week next-month, next-year, type of self-care, although a long bath is never something I'd turn down for that hit of instant gratification). This means I'm really trying to get into good habits, the goal being to boost health and reduce stress. There's various things I'm trying to change or add in, but more yoga and a daily green smoothie are my favourite habits that I'm really trying to keep up because they make me feel infinitely better.


Thursday 10 September 2020

Flats, terries, prefolds

Flat terry nappies cloth littlepackofvegans

Something really cool about using cloth nappies is that there are so many options to play around with - different fabrics, different shapes and styles. Our current battle is teething: a lot of cloth mamas have said they like to use terries when their babies have particularly strong teething wee. Terry and flat nappies can be folded to be quite loose and breathable and, around the house, can be worn without a wrap for extra air flow if no nappy time isn't practical.

Enter The Nappy Gurus flats and prefolds trial kit. This contains a Bright Bots white terry, a Muslinz prefold in White, a Buttons flat, a Little Lamb nappy fastener and mesh nappy bag. It's a good opportunity to try different styles individually and find out what works well.

Folding the terries and flats isn't nearly as complex as I expected (thanks, YouTube!) So far I've found these are a good little trick to try when babies are getting sore from their teething wee (bearing in mind that no nappies can fully stop this, and other babies don't seem to get it at all, lucky things!)

It's also worth mentioning, as it's #zerowasteweek, that the beauty of flats is that they can be reused as cleaning cloths long after babies are out of nappies. Plus the mesh nappy bag is something I regularly use for delicate clothes as well as nappies - I find you can never have enough of these!

So now, cloth mamas, as a flats novice I'd love to hear all about how you use these - what are favourite folds? Do you boost them and what with? I've so much to catch up on!

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