Sunday 13 December 2020

MooGoo Natural Fresh Cream (Vegan!) Deodorant review

MooGoo Natural Fresh Cream Deodorant littlepackofvegans

Despite it's unlikely branding and packaging, I can assure you this MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant IS vegan and cruelty free! The brand name comes from Head of the Herd (Craig Jones) noticing that his mother was using a white paste intended for use on cows to help with her psoriasis. The cream was intended to keep cow's udders soft and supple, in good condition for milking, but the paste was thick and hard to apply. Craig reformulated the cream, creating a lighter and non-greasy version, and that's how the term MooGoo (as in, goo for cows) came around. The product became popular and that's how this skincare business was born...

So why make the #moogoonaturalswitch - aka. two weeks of replacing everyday antiperspirant with this aluminium-free natural deodorant? Honestly, it's an issue close to my heart. Finding a natural deodorant that works for you can be hard, but it's important to me to advocate for natural deodorant. This is due to it being a switch recommended by breastcare nurses who supported family members undergoing breast cancer treatment. This was one of the first things they recommended. As somebody that had a breast scare recently, I want everybody to feel able to make the kind of changes that COULD help them to avoid such a scary situation, and that involves finding a product that works well for each individual. 

It's important to note that switching from an antiperspirant can take a little time to settle. Sweating is a natural process which we've made feel unnatural by promoting antiperspirants, but these aren't good news for the body. They are laden with aluminium and plug the sweat pores meaning that no sweat can come out. This can prevent toxins from leaving the body (a natural process when sweating) which in turn can clog the lymph nodes. Having plugged those sweat ducts for so many years, there will be toxins and sweat that need to come out at first. Don't worry - this regulates itself very quickly but if you're nervous, try switching at the weekend or on days where you don't have many plans or places to go if you are worried about feeling self conscious. The change is worth it, you'll get used to natural bodily functions like sweating again - yes, you will still sweat when wearing this deodorant, but you won't smell bad. And when you consider that the skin absorbs so much of what is applied onto it, there's such peace of mind in knowing that you're not applying potentially dangerous chemicals to be absorbed into the blood stream (even more likely if you shave your armpits due to nicks and scratches).

MooGoo Natural Fresh Cream Deodorant littlepackofvegans

So that's WHY I like natural deodorant, but what's it actually like? Well - this roll on deodorant feels quite wet to apply and it's important to wait for it to dry before putting on dark clothing (aka. my uniform!) Once it dries the performance is great - I was so pleasantly surprised! In fact, during the time that I've been testing this deodorant, our bath was broken and needed various plumbing repairs which meant I was having to go for much longer between showers than I'd choose. I was pleased to have this deodorant as although I did inevitably sweat I didn't smell. The deodorant doesn't have a fragrance but it still neutralised any unpleasant smells - the alkaline formula creates an environment that prevents odour causing bacteria, rather than just masking it. I'm so used to strong-smelling natural deodorants that try and mask the smell that this was such a refreshing change.

The only downside of this product for me is the plastic packaging - I know some of my eco readers will find this too much which I completely understand. However, the rollerball style applicator is a more familiar option for those who are struggling to find a natural deodorant that works, so I feel this product is a brilliant gateway to get used to natural deodorants in a more classic applicator. As many of us know, finding products that work well for us as individuals in a packaging free format is very much about trial and error - sometimes the most reliable option isn't the most eco friendly.  Ultimately, there is no point switching to a product which is natural but doesn't work for you - you'll just switch back. Of course I'd love to see MooGoo reduce their plastic use further but this is still a wonderful, effective roller deodorant which adheres to my natural, vegan and cruelty free requirements. However, I did ask for a statement on MooGoo's sustainability practices which I'm sharing below for absolute transparency:

As an environmentally aware brand, MooGoo are constantly looking at ways to be more friendly to the environment. They already do lots of things to minimise their impact on the environment, including having the creams manufactured in Queensland's first carbon neutral estate. All packaging and educational material are recyclable, as well as the boxes and so much more. MooGoo Head Office in Australia where MooGoo is made, have been hosting refill days for customers to refill their MooGoo products, which have been going so well. They planned to launch refills events in the UK this year, but unfortunately had to put that on hold due to Covid. Hopefully they will be able to start these from 2021. 
MooGoo are always looking for the most environmentally friendly way to package products. People often ask why they do not use glass. Unfortunately glass is not very practical to use in the bathroom and requires a lot more energy to make and transport. They have also looked into refillable pouches, but are struggling to find any that are easily recycled/ or can be recycled at all. Recycling plastic back into cosmetics requires more energy, detergent and bleaching as they are sorted and then cleaned before re- moulding, again using heat. So, their solution for now is to take plastic offcuts and rejects from manufacturers that would have otherwise gone to landfill, and these are re- moulded into their bottles. Of course, they are all recyclable at end of life. For MooGoo tubes, they use virgin plastic for the layer that is in contact with the product, and recycled plastic for the outer layers, which makes them 30% post consumer recycled. 
MooGoo only ever use ingredients which break down easily and quickly once they enter the environment, so there are a lot of ingredients they do not use. These includes Silicones, SLS, many types of UV filters used in sun protection, Benzoates etc. All consumption has an impact, but they make the best choices they can, with the environment in mind. MooGoo have now launched bulk sizes in some of their best selling products, so people can stock up and reduce plastic.

Autumn/winter is a fantastic time to switch to a natural deodorant. If you've been looking to make the switch, or have been struggling to get on with other natural deodorants, I'd highly recommend this product. It is a familiar style of applicator, you only require a small amount of product, and the formula is effective. This product RRP is a very reasonable £5.90 for 60ml. I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far from MooGoo and I'd certainly try their other products in the future. Will you be trying this product?

*This post contains gifted products, all opinions my own.


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