Sunday 30 August 2020

Homemade bath salts


For J's birthday, I wanted to make a gift that Eden could help with. I settled on some homemade bath salts - Epsom salts are a fantastic traditional remedy for relieving aches in muscles, aiding sleep, reducing pain and swelling, and various other purposes. J has a physically demanding job involving lifting and walking in all weathers for long hours so I thought these would be perfect for him. Eden and I had great fun mixing different blends together using food grade colouring, essential oils, and using various blends and ingredients to create different properties, in the hope that they'd help his muscles at the end of a long day.

I'm considering selling some of these (without Eden's help, haha) as they make such cute gifts - let me know if you'd be interested in this kind of thing.

Have you tried Epsom salts before?


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