Thursday 24 September 2020

Good habits

Green Smoothie littlepackofvegans

I've mentioned recently on Instagram that I've been working on practicing better self-care (particularly the next-week next-month, next-year, type of self-care, although a long bath is never something I'd turn down for that hit of instant gratification). This means I'm really trying to get into good habits, the goal being to boost health and reduce stress. There's various things I'm trying to change or add in, but more yoga and a daily green smoothie are my favourite habits that I'm really trying to keep up because they make me feel infinitely better.

But I forget sometimes that like everything in life, good habits wax and wane. One day I might feel on top of everything - the next I might have slipped and let the stress get to me. I like my less healthy choices to be a conscious decision (picking my poison) - if I genuinely fancy a cup of tea with caffeine, or something sugary, or a glass of wine, then that's totally fine because life is for living and balance is key. However for me it's about working out whether I want something as a remedy for feeling stressed (so many of our eating habits are affected by emotion) or whether a mindful choice. Either way, it's ok, because tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to start again.

I don't think it's unusual to feel a little emotionally depleted at this time of year, particularly in the bizarre year we've been having. Everything is hitting me that bit harder at the moment. There's a phrase that you can't pour from an empty cup - so if my posts are a little less in depth, bear with me - I'm just trying to refill my cup.

How are you doing?


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