Tuesday 30 March 2021

Petit Lulu prefold cloth nappies

Petit Lulu prefold nappy littlepackofvegans vegan Little Goat Gruff
*This post features PR samples.
Today's post is a spotlight on Petit Lulu nappies, which are a wonderful brand but often seem to be overlooked for some reason! These are genuinely one of my favourite nappy solutions we've had so I want to chat about a few new additions to our nappy rotation and share some love for their designs.

Beyond newborn nappies, I've never really had enough inserts to make good use of a two-part system, but the Petit Lulu prefold system has really made me remember the benefits. It's so useful to be able to simply change the insert of the nappy and reuse the cover (assuming the nappy isn't soiled) and is a quick, economic and space-saving option.

Petit Lulu prefolds are, no joke, some of the softest material I've ever felt. They're quite literally velvet soft, I've taken some close ups to try and showcase the fabric as this is easily overlooked but it's a huge point in their favour. They're a blend of bamboo viscose and organic cotton, making them more absorbent than a regular cotton prefold. These are super versatile and can be used in multiple different ways but my favourite way to use them is simply prefolded and popped inside the Prefold Cover.

Petit Lulu prefold nappy littlepackofvegans vegan Little Goat Gruff

The Prefold cover itself has a pocket in the front and back to hold a prefold securely in place which is incredibly useful. It's so useful when nappy wraps have these kind of pockets because it makes them much more versatile and they're just as handy for prefolds as they are for boosters over a fitted nappy at night time (having tried it, I can confirm this works wonderfully.) I also absolutely love the fleece hem on this nappy - it looks super comfortable and helps to avoid getting sock marks from elasticated cuffs.

Petit Lulu reusable wipes washable eco prefold nappy littlepackofvegans vegan Little Goat Gruff

Finally, I needed some new washable wipes - now that we're back in the garden so much I'm finding I'm getting through a lot more wipes as we now have both meals AND mud to contend with, so I thought I'd treat us to some cheerful designs. I absolutely love that they have a smooth faceside and textured underside as I always find these are much more useful depending on what you're wiping and where.

You can get 10% off these Petit Lulu items, and so much more, at Little Goat Gruff using my code BLOOM.

Are you a fan of Petit Lulu? 

Petit Lulu prefold nappy littlepackofvegans vegan Little Goat Gruff

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