Saturday, 19 April 2014

Still into you.

Hi guys, I hope you're all enjoying the bank holiday weekend! Are you excited about Easter tomorrow? Today I have a little outfit post for you, something I wore yesterday taking my mum shopping for her birthday present. I hope you like it...

Sweater - Primark
Jeans - Kill City
Flats - New Look

Backpack - Topshop

To be honest, perhaps high waisted jeans were not the best option yesterday since I was feeling crazy bloated! These photographs don't really do me any favours, but I wanted an outfit that was simple and all-black that would show off this super-cute backpack, an early Easter treat. I've been craving pastel pink for the longest time, and when my bag inconveniently broke, this seemed like a perfect (albeit annoying) opportunity to get my hands on some. Such an out-there colour might be a bad idea for somebody who rarely changes their bag, but with the amount of black I wear I suspect it won't be too much of an issue. Find this outfit on Lookbook here...

Are you craving pastels for Easter? What are your plans for the big day?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

You're from the seventies, but I'm a nineties bitch.

I'm sure anyone that is or has been a third year uni student will know the feeling when I say that this final stretch of education has turned me into a student drone. I'm hardly sleeping, my caffeine consumption is beyond excessive, and I feel stressed pretty much all the time. I don't even have money to throw at the problem (let's face it, getting nice things in the post always sweetens the blow of being stuck at a desk all day.) However, on Sunday I gave myself the day off to embrace the glorious sunshine and get day drunk in my garden, cooking a family meal and generally trying to relax. I took these outfit photos before any of that - the sun was so blindingly bright I still wince looking at these photos, but I won't complain as I love the warm weather!

Vest - Camden Market
Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Primark

Choker - Regal Rose
Hair Rings - Regal Rose

This outfit is really just a mish-mash of different things I wanted to wear that I threw on together and hoped for the best: this choker is so beautiful I want to wear it every day! The skirt is a bargain from Primark - I bought my usual size and it's actually a little loose but this might be a good thing come summertime. For now I cinched in the waist with this check shirt and finished the outfit off with some hair rings (which I always forget I even own) and flatforms. I don't know why, but I hate how sneakers/creepers/flatforms look photographed - I always think they look better in life. Find this outfit on Lookbook here...

What do you think of this outfit, does it work or is it too much at once? What do you like to wear in the spring sunshine?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Babydoll, do you believe I'll catch you when you fall?

Hi dolls, TGIF and welcome to my latest outfit post - this dress only arrived through my letterbox yesterday afternoon but I was so excited I had to put it on and take some snaps straight away. The print is uncharacteristically bright for my usual tastes, but the black background counteracts this, keeping it vaguely within my comfort zone, and I already know I'm going to wear this dress to death this summer. I hope you like this as much as I do...

Dress - Motel Rocks
(Use code 'doodleheart' to get 20% off)

Necklace - Rings and Tings

Sunflowers are a print I'm really fond of, and I've been searching for the perfect sunflower item for a while now. So when this dress popped up on the Motel website I just knew I needed it - I adore the (forgiving!) smock shape, and the lace-up back is such a gorgeous, unique detail. A dress like this is quite a statement piece and these can be hard to accessorise, but in this case the accessories fell into place perfectly - I love the way the classic yellow stitching on Dr Martens ties in with the colours of the dress, and I'd been waiting for the right outfit to show off this adorable lightning bolt necklace. Find this outfit on Lookbook here...

Do you like this dress? Which floral is your favourite for summer?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Like punching in a dream...

Hi dolls! Happy Tuesday - and for any students or teachers reading, happy Easter holidays! I'm quite relieved to be home for a couple of weeks to get on with my uni work, but I thought that this morning I'd indulge myself with a little bit of window shopping and write a wishlist post. These are my current lust-haves, enjoy...

  1. Topshop recently released these side zip maxi skirts and they are sinfully 90s but I love them for that. There's something really sexy to me about a side split, and the zip just adds to that.
  2. I've been eyeing up this Game of Thrones Badge from Kate's Little Store for quite a long time, and now that the show is back (!!!) I want this even more.
  3. Dorothy Perkins have come up with this beautiful mint biker that's been sitting in my sidebar wishlist for a couple of weeks now. I think it's a gorgeous way to embrace the pastel trend, and the silver hardware looks so fresh with it.
  4. These unicorn bags are all kinds of awesome - I found this one on Etsy.
  5. Regal Rose are certainly my favourite store for costume jewellery, I adore this Bohemia headband from their new Temptress collection. Normally I'm not a big fan of gold, but for this I will happily make an exception.
  6. Lonely Lingerie create such beautiful lingerie that I'd happily buy their entire website. Here I've featured the Sabel Cut Out Bra and the Cyd Triangle Brief but my wishlist for that site is longer than my arm.
  7. Motel have been teasing us with this sunflower print in promotion emails for a while now, and yesterday it finally dropped on their site. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to snap up something sunflower and eventually decided on the Tiara dress because I love the babydoll shape with the laceup back (I already own it in their sun moon star print) - however these co ords are adorable too. Remember, you can get 20% off using the code 'doodleheart' too!
  8. Reading Leona's blog has made me want Black Milk everything. They have Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Corpse Bride designs, to name just a few. I recently posted a few of my favourites on my Facebook page but this Iron Throne skater is pretty incredible.

What's on your wishlist lately? Which of these items do you like the most?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

I don't mind sentimental girls at times...

Hi dolls, and welcome to my March favourites post! Today I will be featuring four items that I love and would recommend, so here goes...

Necklace - Hoobynoo World
I first introduced this necklace to you in an outfit post, but Yasmin the unicorn (that is her name, according to Hoobynoo World) is such a cutie that she fully deserved to be a part of my March favourites. She's a breath of pastel fresh air in my necklace collection of chokers and crosses, and I do just love the contrast between the dark and the cutesy. I also just really like unicorns. You can get 10% off a Yasmin of your own by using the code 'BLOG10'.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Me
I love this lip balm, yet despite having nearly finished the tube I've only just thought to post about it here! I own this product in two shades but my inner hoarder wants to buy loads of them and stash them in various places so I always have one to hand - I just really like them. My lips get dry very easily, very quickly, so it's really important to me to own products that really moisturise - a lot of lip balms have quite a dry finish but this is really balmy, a quality I prefer in lip products because a glossier finish gives more protection from cold and wind. Cherry Me is my particular favourite as it has a very sheer red tint to it. This is good for lazy makeup days as it adds a tiny bit of colour without needing maintenance. The balms also contain an SPF20 which will be great for summer. This a product I will definitely buy again.

Knickers - Topshop
It wasn't just a dress I picked up in the Topshop sale the other week - I couldn't help myself from taking advantage of their underwear offers, too. 3 for £10 is a bit steep for some of their items - for example, cute as their jersey pants are (and they are cute, they have My Little Pony ones and everything) I've found that the material deteriorates quite quickly after a couple of washes. However, their lace underwear is another story, I'd say these are worth the money. New lingerie makes everything better, so I regret nothing. (Besides, my store card doesn't need paid off until after my next loan. Score.)

Big and Curvy Mascara - The Body Shop
I received this mascara as a free gift with an offer The Body Shop had on a couple of months ago - to be honest, the reviews on this product were really mixed so I wasn't expecting anything much from this product, but since I had already qualified for the offer I thought I'd try it out. And actually, I love it. Lately I've been looking for a replacement from my usual mascara of choice, 'They're Real' by Benefit - although it's brilliant (albeit a bitch to apply to the lower lashes due to the giant brush) it was slowly destroying my lashes because it was just too hard-wearing on them. Even with the gentlest eye-makeup removal, I found that over time my lashes were starting to break or shed when I took my makeup off at the end of the day - it's not good for all-day, everyday wear. Now, I'll be finishing that tube of 'They're Real' and I won't be buying it again because I actually prefer this Body Shop mascara and it's over £10 cheaper. For me it does the same to my lashes as the Benefit one did, but without the damage. It has brilliant longevity, doesn't smudge, and it's even stayed intact through sleep and tears. For an item that cost me nothing and surpassed all expectations, I'm really happy with this mascara and I'd definitely buy it again.

So these are my March favourites - have you tried any of these products, or will you be trying any?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The joke was all on me.

Hi dolls, I hope you're well! Happy April Fool's day - I just realised how appropriate today's post title is, it's a song lyric from the new album by The Pretty Reckless (which I refuse to stop listening to) and it's seemingly rather fitting for today! I've spent most of today at uni where I had an assessment and a tutorial about my uni blog (my lecturer noticed that I wrote about "going on adventures" in my blogger bio, and asked me what adventures I went on - to which I replied "er - oh you know... like going to the pub..." Inward cringe, and way to impress my lecturer. Note to self: gain social interaction skills...)

Anyway, today I have an outfit post for you from this weekend - I hope you like it! I was inspired by Leona's "Mother of Dragons" outfit because let's face it, Daenerys is the moon of my life and I want to be her. Now, I've actually NOT seen her rock an LBD before but I don't actually own any skimpy leather dresses so I went for something more appropriate for the party I was attending and made do with accessories...

Dress - Topshop

Necklace - Rings and Tings
Bone Bracelet - Rings and Tings

Boots - H&M (old)

This dress is a sale bargain from Topshop - I'm a big believer in the power of a 'basic' item and this is great - it's a really fine knit and is very easy to throw on for uni days (I may have bought the charcoal version as well and worn that today...) The tights and boots aren't quite so Daenerys, but a girl's gotta make do with what she's got (or at least buy some new, non-laddered hosiery.) The boots are pretty badass so that's representative of her personality - they're also pretty scuffed but consider that a testament to how much I love them! I even made an effort with my hair - not the neatest styling but I get points for effort right? Plus, the moon and star jewellery speaks for itself - I guess I need something with a sun on it now. Find this outfit on Lookbook here...

Do you ever feel inspired by characters from books or television? Taking inspiration from a character really made styling a simple dress fun for me, but I'm tempted to go all-out like Char did in the future...