Friday 23 October 2020

Lyonsleaf Balms for Nappy Rash + discount code!

Lyonsleaf nappy balms

If you read the Green Parent magazine, you may have seen that Lyonsleaf won a gold award in the Natural Beauty Bible for their Calendula and Marshmallow Balm. I've been testing this out for a couple of months now, along with their Zinc and Calendula nappy cream (a different variety also perfect to be used as a nappy cream) so I could give them a thorough performance review. I've struggled to find it hard an ethical, natural baby balm that we get along with so I was very excited to have the opportunity to test these products out!

To recap, Lyonsleaf use waterless formulas which means no emulsifiers or preservatives are required to stabilise them. They grow their own herbs on their farm in Somerset, soon to be certified organic, and infuse them with natural plant oils in small batches. They are of course cruelty free, use minimal plastic in their product packaging, and are vegan other than using organic beeswax which I discuss in my previous Lyonsleaf blog post.

The different creams have different benefits and I love both of them for at different times. The zinc and calendula balm is a much thicker texture whilst the calendula and marshmallow balm is smoother and creamier. There's a term "a little goes a long way" which is often used when reviewing cosmetics, often to justify a high price point, but often the formula does not live up to this. With Lyonsleaf, a little actually DOES go a really long way. I believe this is due to the waterless formulas - for this reason the balms feel concentrated and a small amount is sufficient.

Lyonsleaf baby balms

The calendula and marshmallow balm is an unfragranced balm suitable for infants as well as skin prone to eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It is also meant to be great for preventing stretch marks and sore nipples (I wish I'd found this for myself during pregnancy and postpartum!) It's designed to smooth, soften and repair skin and improve elasticity.

I use this balm on Eden regularly at present to keep her moisturised and comfortable. It's smooth and easy to spread making it perfect for regular nappy changes. I also used this balm for myself - when Eden had made me sore from breastfeeding and on some dry areas on my hands: I found it provided a soothing remedy for both issues. It's gently moisturising, keeping skin soft and feeling protected.

Meanwhile the zinc and calendula balm is once again unfragranced and is designed to protect skin from water damage by forming a breathable, protective and moisture repellent barrier. This is perfect to help with nappy rash as well as other irritation including blemishes and breakouts. It has the pale, opaque look you see in other zinc balms - when I asked about using it with cloth nappies I was told to be aware that this could stain them although we haven't had issues with this yet, however we apply it very sparingly - I don't think a thick layer is necessary and I could see that staining the cloth and possibly inhibiting absorption so I'd recommend that less is more.

We don't usually need to use a zinc based cream regularly because I find that using cloth nappies means that Eden rarely gets nappy rash as they're more breathable. However, when she's teething she had a tendency to become more red and that's when this cream comes into its own. I've never found anything that has calmed the redness so quickly, and it doesn't make her uncomfortable to apply it. Because we use such a small amount I know this cream is going to last us for such a long time. Being able to use it for other issues like blemishes is a bonus, too. (On a side note, to be able to do this, it's important to note I apply these using clean hands and don't double dip for hygiene reasons...!)

I'd recommend both of these products for different purposes - certainly the zinc and calendula cream is now a must-have in our house as it's been so fantastic for nappy rash, but the calendula and marshmallow balm is fantastically multipurpose and therefore so incredibly useful. We use the marshmallow balm more on a day to day basis but the zinc is fantastic for at night and sorting out any discomfort. So that you don't have to decide, you can use the code LITTLEPOV for 20% off your purchase at Lyonsleaf.

Will you be giving these a go?

*This post contains affiliate links and gifted products, all opinions my own.



  1. These look really good my son sometimes gets a nappy rash ill consider these next time. Thank you.

  2. It's great to see so many natural products on the market these days. Back when my kids were babies (they are 20 and 16 now) there wasn't really anything so natural! It's also brilliant that they are multi-purpose too, so you know you're getting your moneys worth!

  3. How lovely to be able to use a natural product. The balm sounds wonderful .

  4. Oh this sounds great, I love the fact it's won a green parent award

  5. This looks awesome and I'd never heard of it before. It's great that there is no plastic in it -

  6. It is interesting that you find you get less nappy rash with cloth nappies. I switched from terry nappies to disposible nappies with babies 3 and 4 (twins) and they had more nappy rash. The creams sound very gentle.

  7. Wow these look fab! I may have to try the zinc one!

  8. As someone who is cruelty free I am pleased to hear that their range of products don't test on animals. It's great that the calendula and marshmallow balm can be used for a variety of purposes.

  9. These balms look amazing. Never thought I'd say that about a nappy rash balm x


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