Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Allow Me To (Re) Introduce Myself...

Hello again everybody! My name is Hannah and I am (currently) 25 years old. I'm blonde, I wear a lot of black, and I don't feel myself without an eyeliner flick. I'm a music lover, bookworm, binge watcher of Netflix, and I love to cook (I'm a long-term vegetarian having recently decided to transition to veganism.)

I work managing a charity shop which I find really rewarding. It does not help my love of shopping, particularly with the abundance of unique or vintage items coming through the doors every day, but has really made me think about sustainability, ethical shopping and how easy it is not to buy new every time.

I studied Illustration at university, art is one of my biggest passions. I run a shop on Etsy named Doodleheart Illustration where I sell prints of my work. I also have written a blog here since 2012. I used to post primarily about fashion and beauty, and decided to restart this blog after a year's hiatus having decided that whilst I am still very much interested in these fields I want to approach them with a more conscious mindset and a cruelty-free policy.

I live with my boyfriend in Hampshire in the UK. We don't have any pets living with us in our little home, but regularly borrow those of our parents (Tilly and Leia, Springer Spaniels; Pixie, a black Labrador; and Mistofolees and Mitten, the feistiest felines you might ever meet.)

I have missed blogging and am excited to get to know everybody again. I'd love for you to leave a comment introducing yourself if we've never (virtually) met, reintroducing yourself if we have, and linking to your own blog so I can start reading again after a long break!


  1. Hi my name is Kimberley, I have two cats and I think we'd be really good friends ;) xx

    1. So nice to meet you, shall we talk more about cats over cocktails and veggie lasagne?!?xx


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