Monday 22 June 2020

Upcycling: a new hobby?

When I was pregnant I bought this plain wooden mirror from a charity shop with the intention of painting it. Last week I finally got around to it. I wanted to create a magical woodland scene on it, and for it to go in Eden's room.

I'm so enjoying painting in this style recently, even if it looks a little naïve, there's something so satisfying about it. I find with painting I never really know when to stop, there's always things you can add or improve. But I THINK it's finished and ready to hang up.

It's a bit of a different way to upcycle but I think the mirror will make a rather cute feature in her room... more so than when it was plain pine, anyway! Kind of just want to paint magickal things on all available surfaces now...

Have you ever upcycled something second hand before?

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