Wednesday 7 July 2021

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Contrary to what marketing would have us believe, the truth is, babies don't need that much *stuff*. Now that I'm having my second baby I've realised how much equipment we had last time that didn't really get used. Carrycot? Nope, she hated it so we used a sling. Baby toys? Nah, not really interested. Cute outfits? Thanks, but she mostly lived in sleepsuits due to those double digit nappy changes. In our loft there's a box full of almost untouched rattles and toys that we'll probably get out again and put away almost unused. We already were trying to live low waste when I had Eden, but this time my baby wishlist has changed even more. Having done it all before, I thought I'd share some idea for baby gifts of dreams without the waste!

  • A food hamper. Jars of [vegan] pesto, a box of granola, some biscuits, some toddler snacks, maybe some nice [breastfeeding friendly] tea. Snacks and meals are beyond valuable to a sleep-deprived family. My friend brought us a homemade vegan lasagne when Eden was born and she said our expressions were akin to winning the lottery.
  • Something homemade - my mum crocheted a blanket and my friend embroidered us a hoop, both of which we will always keep!
  • A reusable nappy! Preferably in newborn size. A pack of washable wipes or a washable changing mat are also really handy, and more importantly, will get plenty of use. I love the look of the Bear Botts newborn nappies, and Totsbots changing mats (these are available at The Nappy Lady - they also make the best reusable wipes.)
  • Something preloved: many mums agree hand-me-downs feel even more precious somehow, knowing it's been loved and used before. Babies aren't babies for long so don't be afraid to give secondhand gifts in good, safe condition; it's both an eco friendly and sentimental thing to do.
  • Controversial, but: buy for mama. She'll appreciate the organic bath gift so much more than baby will (they'll probably just scream and poo in it, plus they generally wash like magic in plain water.) You can't pour from an empty cup, and she HAS just birthed a human.
  • Time with the toddler/dog - if it's not a first baby, one of the most precious gifts could be making a fuss of baby's big brother or sister, who are inevitably going to be adjusting to their noisy new housemate. I've already asked my mum if she'll help us get out to toddler groups when baby is new so Eden doesn't miss out too much.
  • Help around the house - the most precious gift is the gift of time! Putting on a wash or running the hoover through is insanely valuable.
  • A photo of the new family - so so valuable!

What were/would be your most valuable baby gifts?

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