Sunday 25 July 2021

Sleepgoddess Shower Mists + Luxury Scrunchies LPOV sleep goddess vegan shower mist aroma new mum littlepackofvegans
*This post contains PR samples.

I'll be honest - at 37 weeks pregnant, sleep is a sensitive subject for me right now. I'm uncomfortable with all the extra weight of pregnancy and sleeping in certain positions, I'm still regularly co-sleeping with our toddler (don't ask how it's going to work when baby arrives), and our household has just been struck down with colds (yes, in July.) I need all the help I can get when it comes to sleep because I'm exhausted now, and with an imminent newborn arrival I'm not sure it's going to get better anytime soon!

Enter Sleepgoddess: their products are vegan, cruelty-free and British-made, making them a go-to for ethical beauty sleep purchases. I was immediately intrigued by their faux-silk pillow case covers (SUCH a smart design, not to mention that it's so hard to find hair-friendly pillowcases that are vegan!) from a beauty perspective but they have so much else to offer... LPOV sleep goddess vegan shower mist aroma new mum littlepackofvegans
I know I'm not the only mama who MISSED long baths when baby was born. With a newborn you just don't have the time, and if you DID then chances are you're probably going to want to catch up on some sleep/housework instead. These are fantastic for those (like me) who love the aromatherapy and luxury benefits of using a bath bomb, but are suitable for if you don't have a tub, if you aren't able to have a bath (for example in recovery from a C-section), or just don't have the time for a long soak.

Sleepgoddess Shower Mists are aromatherapy steam salts which create a luxury spa experience in the shower. They're handmade in London and they work by either pouring the salts into the corner of the shower stall, or using a bowl on a flat surface if you have a shower over bath like I do. You activate them by sprinkling over a few drops of water to make them fizz and release their essential oils. The fragrances I've tried are Slumber, which is a beautifully calming blend of lavender and geranium, and Conquer (which I believe may have been renamed to Remedy) which is a blend of eucalyptus, menthol and peppermint - ideal to energise me to get through the cold I'm battling, actually.

Essential oils have been used for relaxation benefits in steam rooms and saunas for such a long time, so to be able to have that aromatherapy experience in the shower is so calming and feels like such a treat. They're suitable for use during pregnancy, which has really encouraged me to take a little time for myself which is hard when you're pregnant with a toddler. I really could have used these at the beginning of pregnancy when baths aren't advised and I was really missing that experience of relaxation! LPOV sleep goddess vegan scrunchie silk curly girl method slumber conquer new mum littlepackofvegans

Personally, I only wash my hair once a week or so and I usually try and time this in with a bath or longer shower as my hair usually needs a good condition. When it comes to haircare I largely follow the Curly Girl Method in terms of care, with the exception that I use an overnight heatless curl method using a satin scarf to style it when it's been washed. For the subsequent nights, until it's next washed, I simply pop it in a very loose bun on top of my head, fastened with a satin scrunchie. This preserves the curls, prevents tangles, and reduces the amount of frizz I would otherwise get from sleeping with my hair loose. I'm aware of all the beauty benefits of silk pillowcases and scrunchies, but being vegan I would prefer not to use silk. So when I discovered Sleepgoddess' range of faux-silk scrunchies (as well as pillowcases, eye masks, and more) I was so impressed because they've fulfilled a big gap in the market for those looking for beauty without cruelty!

I'm such a huge fan of the Sleepgoddess oversized scrunchies. Available in Slumber (a soothing lilac) or Remedy (a gorgeous sage green) they provide cushioning to any protective sleep style, and are generously sized for all hair types and thicknesses. Using a silky material for hair protection is so vital as it really reduces snagging or friction, which prevents damage and preserves styling. I've popped one of these in my birth bag to keep my hair out of the way when the time comes! These feel fantastic quality, the elastic is strong but pliable, and the material is perfectly soft so I'm really happy with how my styling has been preserved when I wake up.

Next on my list to try are definitely the eye masks and pillowcases! What helps you to relax and wind down at night? Do you use silk or satin accessories for their beauty benefits? LPOV sleep goddess vegan scrunchie silk curly girl method slumber conquer new mum littlepackofvegans


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