Tuesday 13 July 2021

Lyonsleaf Giveaway + Discount Code!

lyonsleaf mum and baby skincare survival kit littlepackofvegans doodleheart.co.uk
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It's Plastic Free July, so what better way to celebrate than hosting a giveaway with one of my favourite low-waste brands, the wonderful Lyonsleaf?

The lovely folk over at Lyonsleaf and I are giving away a Mum & Baby Skincare Survival kit, perfectly timed as my little one is due a month today! The kit contains Beauty Balm, and two types of natural nappy cream (I've reviewed both of these on my blog previously, see links.) It also contains a cleansing cloth which Mama can use with the Beauty Balm (this product contains essential oils to give it its delicious fragrance, so not one to share with baby.) But none of these products are a one-trick pony: the Calendula and Marshmallow Balm has received many accolades when used as a nipple cream which I wish I'd known about last time, whilst the Beauty Balm can double up as cleanser, moisturiser and even primer. Knowing that I can trust these products for their versatility and reliability, this kit has gone straight into my birth bag. If that all sounds good and you'd like to win a set yourself, details on how to enter the giveaway are at the bottom of this post!

As it's Plastic Free July, I need to mention that one reason I love Lyonsleaf is because they are so transparent about their processes and manufacturing choices. They are very open about the areas where the company AREN'T plastic free and the rationale behind these decisions (their previously used cardboard lined lids are no longer in production and labels are low tack plastic due to the oil based products, this was a decision that was made after trialling hundreds of options) so I feel that their commitment to being as low waste as possible is clear. The rest of their packaging is recyclable/reusable (we love a reused jar in this house) and I really do love that their products come in jars rather than plastic pots or pumps like so many other skincare products.

It's worth noting that not all the products are completely plant-based in this kit - the nappy creams use organic beeswax. Ordinarily this is a no-go for me, however this decision was less black and white. As Harriet explained, they considered using a vegetable wax instead, but vegetable crops can still contribute to deforestation, loss of habitat and loss of diversity. Choosing a mono-crop over beeswax, naturally promoting the care of these bees which are so famously in decline (due to loss of habitat and loss of diversity), didn't seem to add up. Instead they insist on using organic beeswax, the standards of which specify bees must be left honey to feed themselves in the winter and can only be fed organic sugar syrup at very specific and limited times. This is a personal decision but I feel the way they source and use beeswax aligns with my own values, i.e. with animal welfare ethics AND environment in mind.

Be aware that the nappy creams are ideally for use from 4 weeks onwards. From memory I used very little products on Eden before this stage anyway as newborn skin is just getting used to the world and too much of any product isn't necessary at this stage. The Zinc and Calendula Cream is safe to be used on babies under four weeks to treat nappy rash (a medical problem) however I'd recommend using as little product as possible (of any product, not just nappy creams) on a brand new baby for those first few weeks.

It's also worth noting that I have a discount code, VEGANMAMA, you can use at Lyonsleaf for 20% off until the end of August! Wishing you the very best of luck with the giveaway, which is open until midnght on 25th July! Enter below...

lyonsleaf mum and baby skincare survival kit littlepackofvegans doodleheart.co.uk


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