Friday 2 October 2020

Bra & Bebe nursing bra


Bra & Bebe Nursing Bra
It occurred to me recently that I've barely worn a "proper" bra for nearly two years. During pregnancy underwired bras can dig into sensitive breast tissue (not to mention I found them extremely uncomfortable) and postpartum I've been nursing for 16 months and counting! I've found this quite limiting to my wardrobe - although some breastfeeding mums are quite happy to work around their regular wardrobe, I've never quite got the hang of it. I hate having to practically undress if Eden wants some milk, so even now 16 months on I'm still living in nursing bras. This isn't necessarily a problem - the main thing is they're very comfortable! - but they tend to be very plain. That's fine most of the time but sometimes it's nice to wear something that feels a bit special, a bit pretty. The high street seems to be extremely limited when it comes to nursing wear in general, so I was thrilled to discover Bra and Bebe. They sell some beautiful designs that are perfect for pregnancy and nursing, and I'm so thankful that the lovely Daria gifted me a grey lace nursing bra for review. It's by far the most beautiful nursing bra that I own.

Bra & Bebe Nursing Bra
The bra arrived in compostable packaging, wrapped in beautiful Bra & Bebe tissue paper which I'll be reusing. Upon trying it on, the fit was great (this is a hard ask considering when you're breastfeeding your boobs literally change size throughout the day - I measured my size during the middle of the day prior to ordering as I felt this would give me the best average.) It feels incredibly supportive, making it very comfortable to wear. It has strong straps, breastfeeding clips and four hooks to fasten at the back - yet in spite of its sturdy design it still feels pretty and sexy.

Bra & Bebe Nursing Bra littlepackofvegans

I remember having a huge new respect for my body as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Eden, and that's not changed. Our bodies are amazing! But it's still easy to get caught up in self comparison after years of learnt behaviour. Having a healthy body image is a tough nut to crack. I do find however that when I feel rubbish, something as simple as changing into something I think is pretty can make all the difference to my self esteem if I've had a few days of no-makeup, cleaning the house wearing J's trackies (I know, the glamour is real!) This is particularly important because although I am more than happy to continue breastfeeding Eden until she's ready to stop, it can feel sometimes like my body isn't really mine, so it's nice to be able to reclaim that feeling in some way by having more freedom in the way I dress.

Bra & Bebe Nursing Bra littlepackofvegans

Overall I'd highly recommend Bra and Bebe for maternity and nursing bras. They are stylish, comfortable and supportive which is ideal, and currently have some great offers on their website. Personally I'm eyeing up the lace bra in black next! Nursing mamas, what makes you feel great in your body?

*Item kindly gifted for review, all opinions are my own.

Bra & Bebe Nursing Bra littlepackofvegans


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