Thursday 22 October 2020

Christmas Charity Offer at the Nappy Den


Mama Koala Nappy Christmas Offer

I'm so proud to be an ambassador for The Nappy Den with the fantastic Christmas charity offer Lorna has come up with. There are 50 Mama Koala designs onsite now - the nappies cost £12 including the inserts and £1 from each nappy will be going to a charity chosen at checkout, either NSPCC, CLIC Sargent or Tommys.

Mama Koala are a generously sized birth to potty pocket nappy. Actually, these were the first printed pocket nappy I purchased. This time last year we had a perfectly reasonable stash of Little Lamb and Miosolo nappies but I guess these were my gateway into trying different styles - something I'm glad I did as we now have found options that work better for our Eden (actually, we still love little lambs, but Miosolos never fit her well due to their shape - all babies are different!) These days Mama Koalas tend to be a great reliable nappy to grab quickly, they're good for an extra quick change due to only having two poppers (J appreciates this, as does wriggly Eden) making them a good option for those new to cloth or even childcare. The pocket is generous and comes with two bamboo inserts that dry quickly, but pockets are particularly useful at this time of year as the shells dry so quickly they can be stuffed with any absorbent booster for a fast turnover. Mama Koala nappies come in a minky or PUL finish - this is Eden's first minky nappy and it's so soft and lovely.

Christmas Gift Charity nappies are now up on the site available for immediate dispatch - naturally given the charitable nature of the item discount codes won't be applicable on these, but you can use LittlePackDen10 to get 10% off on other items onsite.

Have you tried Mama Koala nappies?

*Nappy kindly gifted for review, all opinions are my own.


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