Wednesday 14 October 2020

Lyonsleaf Skincare

Lyonsleaf Skincare Beauty Balms

Recently I received the most beautiful skincare package from Lyonsleaf - a brand I'm incredibly excited to be showcasing here as I have so much genuine admiration for their ethos.

Lyonsleaf use waterless formulas which means no emulsifiers or preservatives are required to stabilise them. They grow their own herbs on their farm in Somerset, soon to be certified organic, and infuse them with natural plant oils in small batches. The parcel was totally recyclable and biodegradable with minimal plastic used in product packaging - in fact, their manifesto is "Our mission in life is to provide 100% natural, safe, effective, cruelty free skincare, suitable for the whole family and all skin types (even very sensitive skin), at a price affordable to ordinary people, with the least environmental impact as possible." They've won multiple Green Parent beauty awards this year, including for their Zinc and Calendula Cream and Marshmallow Facial Oil, and with such good values and fantastic customer reviews it's clear as to why.

It's important to note that although otherwise totally vegan, several of the Lyonsleaf products contain beeswax. Ordinarily this is a no-go for me, however this decision was less black and white. As Harriet explained, they considered using a vegetable wax instead, but vegetable crops can still contribute to deforestation, loss of habitat and loss of diversity. Choosing a mono-crop over beeswax, naturally promoting the care of these bees which are so famously in decline (due to loss of habitat and lose of diversity), didn't seem to add up. Instead they insist on using organic wax, the standards of which specify bees must be left honey to feed themselves in the winter and can only be fed organic sugar syrup at very specific and limited times. This is a personal decision but I feel the way they source and use beeswax aligns with my own values, i.e. with animal welfare ethics AND environment in mind. You can read more about the Lyonsleaf vegan range here.

Stay tuned for individual reviews, but for now you can use code LITTLEPOV for a whopping 20% off at Lyonsleaf! Have you tried this brand before?

*This post contains affiliate links and gifted products, all opinions my own.


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