Wednesday 21 July 2021

IDentity Lingerie

IDentity lingerie ethical handmade underwear robe littlepackofvegans
Paid partnership with IDentity Lingerie

IDentity Lingerie is a small, family run, handmade lingerie UK based brand. Specialising in nightwear as well as lingerie, they also recently branched out into face masks due to the pandemic from their base in Lincolnshire.

IDentity have some core brand values which I applaud, including promotion healthy and diverse body image across their platforms. Their items are high quality and handmade, often to order, meaning they aren't contributing to the environmental impact of mass produced items like other larger brands. Items that aren't sold are refurbished into different products so as to avoid the cycle of waste from having too much excess stock. They aim to make products that will remain relevant and therefore serve people for years to come, rather than being trend led which is a brilliant way to avoid the waste issues caused by fast fashion and fast-changing trends.

IDentity lingerie ethical handmade underwear robe littlepackofvegans

I really appreciate IDentity's sizing: the majority of their items are sized S/M/L etc rather than in standard cup sizes. Being VERY heavily pregnant now, my size is changing all the time, as it will when I start breastfeeding. So when an item is sized in a slightly more free manner, rather than cup and band sizes, it means that the items have more versatility and longevity because size does fluctuate for most of us!

So when IDentity got in touch regarding a collaboration, I was thrilled to have a chance to test run a couple of their designs to see if their items stood up to their fantastic credentials. Personally I was thrilled with my choices: a supportive black bralette with lace back, finished with a beautiful strappy design across the shoulders, and a satin and lace robe which will be perfect at making me feel a little special even in those hazy newborn days where getting dressed is a bit of an achievement. The items are crafted so beautifully and feel so luxurious, I feel fantastic in my own skin while wearing them which to me is a hugely important factor when it comes to lingerie. They're also timeless designs I know I'll cherish for years to come.

Underwear is one area where it can be difficult to find ethical, sustainable brands that are good quality and last well which is why I am so happy to have found IDentity Lingerie. There's no exploitation of third world workers or child labour, no harmful mass production, no burning of unsold goods or disposing of returns, instead embracing on demand production and sustainable, quality materials.

How ethical is your lingerie drawer?

IDentity lingerie ethical handmade underwear robe littlepackofvegans

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