Tuesday 26 May 2020

Cloth Nappy Hacks

Using cloth nappies is actually incredibly simple (see previous posts for reasons to make the switch, how to wash them easily, etc) but there are a few things I like to do that help make it even easier and integrate seamlessly into our day to day living. Ready for some cloth nappy hacks?

🌠 Wash overnight if you can! Our machine has a timer, so every other day when Eden has her bath I will load in the nappies, rinse wash, then schedule the main wash to start in the early hours of the morning so it's ready to dry as soon as we get up.
🌠 To save energy, most modern machines calculate the amount of water needed by the weight of the laundry loads, but cloth needs a long wash with lots of water. I like to put my rinse wash on a really low spin so the nappies are saturated with clean water, to weigh them down for the main wash.
🌠 Mesh laundry bags are your friend! They protect delicate binding from being snagged on Velcro or fastenings. I also use them to keep wipes/liners together when tumble drying in the winter. (They are also repurposed for delicates and the occasional stuffed toy "bath")
🌠 Prewash new nappies! A few times, ideally. It increases their absorbency, and it'sa strange but true phenomenon that new nappies will ALWAYS be road tested fully the first time - guaranteed!
🌠 Remove inserts etc from pocket nappies before washing - that way they'll wash thoroughly.
🌠 Make nappy stuffing a joint activity. Since Eden was tiny we've always chilled in her room with the laundry basket, maybe put on some music, and she can play/get involved while I stuff nappies and put her washing away. She likes to have her own pile to "help" sometimes!
🌠 Give your machine a monthly maintenance wash, scrub and a filter clean. A clean machine is vital if you expect to have clean laundry!

These are just a few ideas to keep cloth simple! What are your favourite cloth nappy hacks?

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