Friday 8 May 2020

The Organised Mum Method

So is anyone else here part of #TeamTOMM? I guess a year ago I'd have considered owning a book about housework a peak low, but then Hinching became trendy and now here we are. ..

In all seriousness, fitting in housework with a little one is hard. I try and do it in each room as she's playing, or if she naps (ha) but this week it occurred to me that lockdown is a prime opportunity to commit to The Organised Mum Method. I'm not a huge fan of schedules but the breakdown of tasks here means I can just get straight into cleaning mode without the head-scratching moment of "where do I even start?"

I'm not going to go into detail on the method, there's The Organised Mum for that, but the basic premise is there are 15 minutes worth of daily tasks (things you'd do anyway like making the beds and keeping on top of the kitchen), then 30 minutes spent on a room by room basis on a day-to-day rotation. There's a time constraint so you don't get carried away on one thing, and a checklist of tasks (of course everybody's homes are different but it's a useful guide.)

This morning I blitzed the kitchen and having the checklist, timer and dedicated day made it so much easier to schedule in without thinking twice. The fact that I'm not great at time management is exactly why I find this so helpful. I find I feel so much calmer when we've managed to keep on top of our home so this has been really useful, especially as we're constantly at home at the moment.

On a side note, it's worth giving a shout out to the eco-friendly and cruelty free products that make cleaning so much more pleasant. I'm obsessed with this Method antibac spray, it's orange and yuzu scented which is beautifully fitting for this sunny weather. It takes me ages to use up a bottle, but when I do I repurpose the bottles and use them to water houseplants and seedlings.

How do you stay on top of housework with a family? Tips are so very welcome... 😹

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