Thursday 21 May 2020

Purflo Maxi Nest Review

I really stand by the fact that you don't NEED loads of "stuff" for a baby, their needs are simple and they are not materialistic as much as you naturally want to give them the world. But something I really didn't expect to become indispensable for us was a baby nest! (I'm going to chat about our sleep journey today, please remember to follow all safe sleep guidelines, this is our own personal experience.)

When Eden was born we had bought a Moses basket but naturally fell into co-sleeping: it was what felt the most natural to us and it meant as a family we actually got some sleep as she always hated being put down in her Moses basket or pram. She liked being close to us. However I did feel anxious about safe sleep - as tired parents, and for me as a fidgety sleeper, I wasn't sleeping properly with Eden in the bed. So J's mum very kindly bought us a baby nest which turned out to be a fantastic purchase as it safely cocooned Eden in her own little bubble, was breathable with a washable cover, and meant she couldn't roll out of the nest nor could we roll into it. It worked beautifully, we all loved it, and it was very portable if we stayed anywhere overnight or even during the day if I needed to pop her down safely and know she was safe and couldn't roll away.

As she grew and fed a little less during the night we would put her to sleep in the Moses basket and she would do longer stints in there until she went all night in it and loved it. But by then she was nearly too big for her basket. Then we moved house and didn't have space for the basket in our room, just the cot in hers, which was very emotional as she felt so tiny in her huge cot! So we got the nest back out to ease the transition - because it's like a big cuddle it kept her feeling safe and contained, like in the basket.

We spent months trying to wean her out of the nest but she wasn't having any of it. However that first nest was too small and I didn't want her to sleep in an awkward position, so in the end we caved and bought the Purflo Maxi Nest which is suitable for up to 36 months. It was an investment, but I feel it is worth it if it means we all get some sleep! It's breathable, antifungal, with a washable cover and spill proof base and can be used instead of a travel cot as it has a mattress insert too.

Does anybody else swear by a baby nest?

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