Tuesday 5 May 2020

Cloth nappies: the different types

Can you tell the difference between these nappies from the outside? Okay, some have poppers and others have Velcro, not to mention the gorgeous different prints, but it's the way they work on the inside that makes them all really different.

Cloth nappies are kind of comparable to clothes - there are vast amounts of styles and materials available and it's just about finding what you like and what works for you. Though we're all total suckers for a beautiful print, there are other factors to consider: budget, drying time and ease of changing to name a few. So to shed some light on all the different terms, here's a simple breakdown of the types of nappy we use.

🌠All in one: The closest to a disposable, these have a sewn-in insert so they're completely ready to go. They're great for easy changing as they're so quick and simple.
🌠All in two: Consisting of a shell with a lay/snap-in insert, unsoiled nappy shells can be reused for several changes by swapping the boosters, a great space and cost saving option.
🌠Pocket: A shell with a tuck-in pocket. Pockets are really customisable - you can start with less absorbency (aka. less bulk) for little ones and then boost more as baby grows.
🌠Prefold: An absorbent pad with a cover - there are loads of different folds which makes this a very versatile and cost effective option as you can reuse unsoiled wraps several times.
🌠Shaped/fitted (+wrap): An absorbent shaped nappy with a separate cover. A two part system like this is particularly effective against leaks and can hold a large capacity - these are particularly popular at night.

You see a lot of brand new nappies on Instagram and in reviews. By contrast, these have that soft, slightly shrunken look, and that's because they've been washed and worn lots of times. Shrinking isn't a bad thing as the nappy itself doesn't change in fit, but the absorbent parts will naturally tighten a little with washing and they have more capacity after this. I think all this wear is a testament that we like and use all kinds of nappy styles and all can have their benefits. (Although ages ago I managed to dye my only prefold pink by accident... 😅 A future mission, now I'm more confident, is to master different folds!)

I hope seeing some styles side by side like this has been useful. Let me know if if would be helpful to see posts going into further detail of pros and cons for each of them. Do you have a favourite type of nappy?

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