Friday 29 May 2020

Witch Cake X Lace and Whimsy "Divine Feminine" Vegan Candles

In a feat of perfect timing, today some candles arrived in the post from Witch Cake's "Divine Feminine" collection. I have shopped Holly's beautiful creations before and love them: everything is vegan and cruelty free and handmade in small batches.

Each candle from this collection is made from soy wax, essential oils, and when the candle is burnt it will reveal a crystal at the bottom which is charged with intention. This is because each of the seven candles in this collection represents a goddess who can be called upon, each with a different domain.

I love these candles because while I don't follow any specific religion I do believe in the power of intention and manifestation, therefore these can bring great comfort when working through specific situations. Here I have Artemis (violet, lavender and amethyst) intended to help calm anxiety, encourage and empower. I also have Hera (patchouli, sweet orange and pink aventurine) intended to provide a sense of home and family security and wellbeing. (This is my second Hera candle, I used my first to settle in after moving house and to ease any tension within the home.)

Where possible during this unusual spring we've had I've tried to take some time each week for self care through gratitude journalling, baths, yoga and meditation. I can't wait to use these candles to complement some of these practices. A big thank you to Holly too for popping in some beautiful rose wax melts too - they smell divine. After a difficult night for Eden due to her 12 months vaccinations, the timing of these arriving couldn't have been better.

What is your favourite form of self care?

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