Monday 6 July 2020

Eco Bathroom Swaps

Today's prompt for #setmeplasticfree is "bathroom" - this is one area I still have a lot of changes to make. On the one hand I use reusable bamboo makeup wipes, a moon cup, a shampoo bar. But I still have too much plastic for my liking in the form of product packaging within our bathroom. We don't have any single use plastic in our bathroom exactly, but some tubes aren't easily reusable or recyclable. With products including conditioner, deodorant, shower gel and toothpaste I sometimes struggle to find something effective, vegan and cruelty free that doesn't come in plastic, that is affordable enough to regularly purchase. I also found that during lockdown many hygiene products were harder to get hold of because of panic buying, so I know I ended up buying a few things during that time out of necessity that I wouldn't normally purchase. So any recommendations for brands or products you love that fit this criteria would be great!

Here are some of my current bathroom favourites:
💧 I'm a big fan of Lush, and I love that you can always return clean pots in store for recycling. I'm currently using their Angel Hair shampoo bar (it's SLS free) and Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease hair mask which frankly I'd like a lifetime supply of.
💧 Bamboo toothbrushes - a really easy swap to make! Making this a long term switch will drastically reduce plastic consumption over time.
💧 Coconut oil is a excellent multipurpose product that can be used for all sorts - it usually comes in glass jars which are of course reusable or recyclable.

What are your favourite eco bathroom swaps? I'd love to hear some recommendations!

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