Sunday 19 July 2020

Secondhand Sunday: Upcycling

I've been excited about this week's #secondhandsunday because it's the first time I've upcycled clothing in forever! And my first time ever dyeing clothes.

Having a best pal the same size as you is a blessing, even more so when you have similar taste, so my friend and I have a long-standing agreement that we get first dibs on each other's wardrobes whenever we have a clear out. The last time we did a swap I rescued a beautiful cobalt jersey maxi dress she'd bought second hand... on the condition that I could dye it. I love maxis (don't just save them for holidays and weddings!) as they're so comfortable, easy to throw on, useful if it's hot and I've neglected my razor. With that said, the bright blue with gold detailing was just a bit much for my inner goth, but as I loved the shape I figured I'd take some black dye to it. (I also had enough dye to refresh some jeans and a nursing top that had really faded, saving myself a great amount of money by not needing to replace them!) The dye didn't take to the metallic thread (it's all an experiment but I kinda like that it didn't) so it still looks a bit fancy, but less "prom" than it did.

See, secondhand stuff is so much more fun as it has a story to it. Finding a key piece in the perfect size or customising something to make it something you love is just so much more satisfying than walking into a high street store and picking out an item readily available in your size. Maybe I'm tight but I love it when somebody compliments my outfit and I can say it was a few quid on eBay or a charity shop gem.

I'm enjoying getting crafty these days, partially inspired by the Design Bundles blog! I want to be more organised so downloaded a free digital planner and to help me manage my time. I'd love to bullet journal too and keep checking Pinterest for inspiration, though finding the time to keep up with it regularly could prove tricky!

I've also rescued my sewing machine from my parents loft, which I've only ever dabbled with, but I'm excited to try and learn how to do some bits on there too when I find the time (!) Have you upcycled clothes before?

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