Sunday 5 July 2020

Plastic Free July: Cloth Nappies

When I found out I was pregnant with Eden I knew I wanted to use cloth nappies. A friend had used them and I remember being super curious about this at the time and knowing that's the path I'd choose when the time came, even though Eden wasn't even thought of then! Cloth nappies are today's prompt for #setmeplasticfree - and of course there are huge environmental benefits of cloth nappies and wipes. Getting away from single use anything is an excellent mindset for a start, and the frankly terrifying statistics on disposable nappies and baby wipes speak for themselves.

Reusable nappies aren't all created equal though - materials range from microfibre, polyester and PUL, to natural fibres like cotton, bamboo and even wool wraps (obviously not vegan, but a popular option for those looking to avoid man made materials.) For me on a personal level, #plasticfreeJuly is all about reducing single use or "disposable" plastics and we own nappies made from all kinds of materials. However there are benefits to choosing nappies with a high natural material content where possible as synthetic fabrics such as acrylic, polyester, fleece, nylon, all shed tiny plastic particles in the wash which are released into our waterways and oceans. Of course man made fabrics have their place (that's a whole other post) and you can wash in a guppy bag to catch any microfibres - it's just something to be aware of with all clothing. However, I do love Tickle Tots as their nappies are boosted with bamboo - a far more sustainable natural material that's highly absorbent and significantly better for the planet.

This is my favourite Tickle Tots print - Hares, one of the most magickal creatures. It's particularly fitting as Eden has a group of bunnies in her cot at night and she often likes to pick one or two to hop out to play for the day.

Do you tend to choose natural fibres or prefer a mix?

*You can get 10% off nappies at @tickle using the code HANNAH10 🖤

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