Thursday 30 July 2020


Inspired by Mamalina's beautiful blog post, I wanted to share this photo taken a month ago - at the time I was convinced Eden was about to start walking independently, but even now she manages a couple of tiny, teetering steps on her own.
I think it's easy to get very caught up in "milestones", comparison and what baby "should" be doing. But every baby is different. There's never been an Eden before, there never will be again. She has her own unique mind and personality and pace - who is anybody to say when she should be doing anything?

I feel grateful sometimes that Eden's not walking just yet as even her fast crawling and cruising leaves me needing eyes in the back of my head. But I'm so proud of how she is doing, all the many things she's learning every day, and from the few other babies we socialise with (ta, covid) I realise now more than ever that there is no benchmark, there is no "normal" and I couldn't be any prouder of Eden than I am of her every single day, no matter what she's learned or done. Every child gets where they need to be as an individual in their own time.

What are your views on milestones?

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  1. Eden is beyond cute! My mum was a nanny for much of her career and she's always said that children do things at their own pace, whatever that may be xx


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