Friday 24 July 2020

Plastic Free Shopping

Honestly speaking, plastic free shopping is literally near impossible for us. Particularly being on a low budget, J and I have had a conversation more than once that to be as low waste as possible we feel stuck between between a well balanced, healthful diet and a low waste shop with next to no variety.

I feel it's important that we show Eden variety, and that we all "eat the rainbow" as much as possible to get the nutrients that allow us to feel good and be in our best form for Eden - but for us that means much more single use packaging than I'm comfortable with or is even remotely necessary. Shopping is today's prompt for #setmeplasticfree so here are a few things we do to try and cut down our packaging:

💚 We've found a local farm shop that sells in store as well as offering a veg box that's both organic and affordable - we had our first one this week and the difference in taste is incredible!
💚 We cook mostly from scratch, making our own bread and snacks as much as possible - this cuts down on a lot of packaging.
💚 We're growing as much of our own vegetables and fruit as we can, which is so satisfying!
💚 We buy many items in bulk which again helps to reduce packaging. I'd love to find a local zero waste shop but every little helps.

What changes do you make to help reduce your shopping waste?

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