Sunday 19 July 2020

Skinsence Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar

Ad - gifted|Perfect for #plasticfreeJuly, I was recently sent a shampoo bar to try from Skinsence. This is a coconut milk shampoo bar designed to restore the pH of the hair. Skinsence are a new discovery for me but I'm so glad to have found them - the shampoos are handmade in small batches and free of SLS, synthetic fragrances, animal fats, detergents, harsh chemicals and plastic packaging (I love when a delivery doesn't come in plastic so this had me at hello!)

My first impression was pure love for the smell of this product as it smells fairly strongly of patchouli, one of my favourite essential oils. The bar itself is quite soft and it does bubble and lather a little more than some bars I've tried, likely due to the coconut milk. It was so soft I broke it in half with my heavy handed washing so if you try one, be careful! My hair felt great after washing it - clean and not weighed down - and smelling fantastic too. I sometimes get an itchy scalp after washing my hair but I found it wasn't bad after using this, so this has been a brilliant first impression! I find it really hard to find an SLS free shampoo that ticks all the boxes so I was pleasantly surprised to get on with this so well straight away.

Have you switched to a shampoo bar yet?


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